Translation As Successful Career

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During the last two decades, the world is witnessing enormous expansion in socio-economic activity. This is mainly due to tele-communication revolution and its speedy expansion; which resulted in cutting distance and time barriers. The value of conversation and speech has grown immensely.Likewise; trade has progressed by leaps and bounds. The key factor to facilitate all these conversations and writings is Language. It is very crucial to understand what the opposite person, party or nation is meaning, speaking or writing. Here comes the vital role of Translator. Translator is a person who translates material from unknown language to known language or vice-versa. The understanding should be perfect. The translated material should be as good as original text.

A good and efficient Translator is the requirement of the day. To become efficient translator, perfection and speed are the key words. Career growth of a translator depends upon these two key factors.

Once a person has decided to take up translator as his career, he has to undertake serious training and constant professional skill upgrades to ensure that he is on top of his job. The following are some of the essentials in a translators job:-

It is implied that he has already has sufficient educational background to take-up this job as a full fledged careera Post Graduate is preferable.

Translator should be having very good knowledge of more than two languages, preferably holding post-graduate degrees.

To gain initial confidence, he should take-up translation of dull, mudane subjects that are easier to translate as compared to challenging literary subjects.

It will be advisable to analyze the translation work done by other writers.

This will help to give an idea with regard to level of creativity while executing the work as a professional.

Keenness to learn from other good translators, aptitude to learn, good ear for diction, sincerity to the profession is the stepping stones to a successful career. Judging by the level of speed the development is taking place, it can be gauged soundly that the career graph of a good and efficient Translator is extremely bright. There is inter-dependency by every country on other country. To bridge up this gap, the key role of translator comes into picture. Contracts, legal documents, trade agreements and many more crucial documents, letters are shouldered by translators. Every country has got its own language, with its peculiarities, different ascents and pronunciations career bound Translator has to keep all these vital facts in consideration to move forward in his career. Experience is the base of successful career. To gain good amount of experience, sound subject knowledge is the base. Hardwork is the key guru-mantra coupled with accuracy.

With ever-expanding sphere of knowledge in every field and in various languages, to bring benefits to mankind at large, the role of Translator will be very important. The career-graph will always be on the rise. The languages spoken and written in this neither world nor countries in this world will not reduce. There is every chance of their increase. Hence; the requirement of a good Translator will always be on the increase. The future career graph of the Translator is very bright.
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Translation As Successful Career

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This article was published on 2010/11/12